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"Stealing Candy" By Allison Hobbs

Stealing Candy takes you deep into the horrific nature of human sex trafficking. Each page made me cringe, but instead of closing the book I wanted to keep reading to know the fate of the characters. I rooted for Gianna, cursed Bullet, nearly cried for Brielle, and wished Saleema the best.

The harsh reminder that human sex trafficking is happening, and could be happening closer to us than we’d like to accept is described in each page of Stealing Candy. Bullet, an ex convict, decides that upon his release he will become a pimp at the guidance of his old cellmate. In order to embark on his new career, he kidnaps and abuses three young girls.

The reactions of those in a position to help were almost as shocking as the horrendous acts committed against the young girls. From Allison’s description of the blatant disregard to help, I’ve vowed to be more cognizant to my surroundings. As a society, we should be more selfless and show more concern for those around us.

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