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32 Candles By Ernessa T. Carter

You aren't a true 80s baby if you haven't watched16 Candles, Breakfast Club, or Pretty In Pink. Ernessa Carter delivers a quirky story about Davidia Jones and her strange obsession with Molly Ringwald.

From the beginning I found myself being very thankful that I didn't grow up around the bullies that tormented Davidia in her small town of Glass.

Through her pain Davidia was still able to become a strong woman who did not fall victim to her circumstances. She even became very likable by those around her.

I love how the story isn't all roses and butterflies, although Davidia is obsessed with a story tell ending. Everything isn't ideal and the stars don't align perfectly for Davidia, at first. Unlike many stories where the powerful, rich man swoops in to sweep the poor girl off her feet, Davidia stands her grounds and has good reason for all her actions.

The plot twists are unexpected but applauded. We all have that one, or multiple people, we'd like for karma to catch up with.

I love a book that keeps me up all night, but this one made it hard to do any other task until I read the very last word... even the acknowledgements. Now that I have finished the book, I'm jonesing for Ernessa to deliver her next best seller! Great job, Ernessa, I may even find 16 Candles on Netflix and enjoy a trip down memory lane!

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