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The Trouble With Us By Christina C. Jones

Is it possible for a woman to have a no-strings attached sexual relationship with a man? In Trouble With Us, Bianca believes it's possible.

After she ends a long, toxic, relationship she isn't interested in landing in a loving relationship. Instead she focuses on her career as a fashion blogger.

When she meets Rashad, she's attracted to his sexiness but turned off by his cockiness. He doesn't believe a woman has the power to avoid feelings when having sex, but he too is not interested in an actual relationship.

The two interact with each other and quickly learn that they share a sexual attraction. Both are convinced that they will only have good sex, but find that they are each far more invested.

The connection between B and Shad, as they are affectionately called, is heart warming. We can only hope that when a woman catches feelings the man is equally as invested as Rashad was to Bianca.

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