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I'm Judging You: The Do-Better Manual By Luvvie Ajayi

While reading I'm Judging You, you're certain to do one of three things: look at those around you with major side eye; reflect on how you can do better; or both. It's the common sense that isn't so common for all of us. Luvvie discusses social norms such as dining out with friends, to difficult topics such as rape culture or self-hate.

Most of the topics are sprinkled with personal anecdotes. Luvvie even teaches us how to throw shade like a Nigerian! (By the way, where can I get my hands on some Jollof Rice?!?!)

I knew Luvvie was speaking truth when she discussed dinner scrooges. I’ve recently been a victim of a friend who dipped on their bill. So shameful.

Luvvie even touches on the topic of anal bleach, no topic is forbidden. Because our beauty standards are so high, this topic needs to be discussed. Black people in particular have a color complex, and Luvvie stresses the need for us to love the skin we are in. God has blessed us fortunate enough to be born brown with a natural protectant.

Social inequalities are also discussed, from unequal parenting expectations to rape culture. Luvvie does an awesome job keeping us on point with how we should all stay in our lane. We can be a feminist but love our bra, and our man.

Most importantly, Luvvie reminds us that it’s our job to do something that matters. For to whom much is given, much is expected. Preach, Luvvie!

I should note that I love to read, and I don’t typically do audio books. But for I’m Judging You, I chose to purchase the audio version and I’d recommend this option for everyone because hearing Luvvie throw shade will make your day!

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