• J. Nichole

Black History Month

What does black history mean to me?

To me black history, is my history. It's the definition and culmination of who we are as a people. It defines our culture, it separates us from our counterparts not only by our melanin rich skin but by our character.

Our history, those heroes we hear about during our annual celebration, as well as those names who will forever go unspoken, forgotten. It's the generations who have come before us who have endured both physical and mental challenges who have given us our strength to continue being strong women and men.

It's that feeling deep on the inside, that sense of pride, that fight over flight mentality that allows us to face the discrimination, the appropriation of our culture, that criticism of any and everything we do. It's who we are and will always be, strong black women and men.

#blackhistorymonth #blackhistory

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