• J. Nichole

I Love My HBCU


Don't let anyone diminish you

You have birthed a nation of educated black men and women

Men and women who are dignified

Glorified all over the world

You've encouraged self-love

Given those who love you undeniable pride

HBCUs aren't ranked they say

HBCUs can't compete they say

HBCUs are no longer needed they say

In reply you can say

But I've given you the greats Oprah, Jerry Rice, Taraji P Henson, Toni Morrison, Samuel L Jackson, Will Packer, Anika Noni Rose

Even Martin Luther King Jr.

Without me who would they be?

By one of your beloved children, J. Nichole, FAMU Grad 2007

#HBCU #FAMU #college #blackhistorymonth

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