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Love 101: Lesson 2

Love Lessons - Don't forget about your friends.

What's college without friends? Hell what's life without friends? In Freshmen Fifteen, Laila has a ride-or-die group of friends. Friends who encourage her to be herself, and live life without regret. Friends who criticize her antics and applaud her accomplishments. Friends who keep her life at L.U. interesting to say the least. When Chris comes along and occupies Laila's time, she has to find the balance between spending time with him and spending time with her friends.

When we enter new relationships, or even new friendships we need to ensure we continue to nurture existing relationships. Those ride-or-die friends are hard to replace and should not be taken for granted. When it comes to needing to complain about your new friend, or boo, your friends will be the ones who can relate to your situation the quickest. They know you better than some of your close family members.

Let's admit it, we've all had that friend who gets boo'd up and all of a sudden has no free time for us. Not weeknights, not weekends. Has no time to talk on the phone... yeah that friend. That friend who will call you as soon as her boo pisses her off, or worst breaks up with her. Don't be that friend.

Nurture your friendships. We all know a true friend isn't one you need to speak with every day, but as soon as you speak to them it's like you haven't skipped a day. It's healthy to maintain your friendships even while you are in a relationship. As soon as that honeymoon phase wears off, you'll be wishing you could just pick up and go out with one of your friends. Don't lose the ability to do that. If they feel rejected, they'll likely return the favor. Don't forget about your friends!

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