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Love 101: Lesson 3

Keep God at the center of your relationship.

In Freshmen Fifteen, Laila's parents represent for all southern parents and request that Laila attend church, even while away at school. Like some college students, Laila manages to avoid church on Sunday. But Chris, he makes it a priority to be in the house of the Lord. (Check out Freshmen Fifteen to find out if Chris convinces Laila to attend church with him.)

For those of us who are religious, we should always keep God first in our personal lives. When we are considering a mate, we should most certainly ensure that the guy or girl has the same values. Initially, you may not be equally practicing your religion, but together you can build each other up. Pray for each other, motivate each other to attend church, and together build your relationship with God and watch your relationship with each other grow.

By having God as a central point in your relationship you'll have a steady foundation for which your relationship can depend upon. A foundation that will not grow weary even through the toughest of storms.

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