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Love 101: Lesson 4

Your love has to be stronger than any distraction.

In Sophisticated Sophomore, during Laila's relationship with Chris, she is distracted by other guys, past relationships, and obviously college life in general. Her love for Chris is strong, but that strength is tested with each new distraction. (Find out if Laila can ignore the distractions in Sophisticated Sophomore, coming this summer!)

Distractions are the enemy of progress. A distraction can steal time from your goals, dreams, aspirations. Anyone with a deadline knows how easy it is for a distraction to keep you busy and under pressure.

But in a relationship, external distractions can have a negative impact on your relationship if you aren't mindful of them. The distraction should hopefully remind you of the good thing you have in your relationship. It should bring you and your mate closer together, and if it doesn't work hard to remove the distraction from your life.

It's something about that change in relationship status that brings out all the advances. You could have been single thinking all the men, or women, in the world were taken. As soon as you are taken, the universe kindly releases all the men, or women, and make them notice you! It's cruel, I tell you!

Remind yourself of your good thing, and don't let the distractions hinder you!

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