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Love 101: Lesson 5

Don't let pettiness be the demise of a good thing.

In Sophisticated Sophomore, Laila ends up at the same club as Chris. When she sees him dancing with a girl on the dance floor she gets angry. Her anger is the cause of her petty actions that follow. Find out whether her pettiness is the end of Laila and Chris' relationship in Sophisticated Sophomore -- coming June '17!

We've all had our share of arguments. If not, live a little longer. Arguments that are caused by serious disagreements or minor pet peeves. We've thrown jabs that we know will get under the other person's skin. Saying it only to highlight our ability to remember irrelevant facts. This petty act could actually do damage, holding a grudge and using it as ammo when we need it could cause harm to our relationships.

Don't be petty, don't hold grudges. Let things go, and if it's truly bothering you, talk about it but don't let it fester and tuck it away for a future argument.

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