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Why Freshmen Fifteen?

The 'freshman fifteen' is an infamous term to describe the weight you gain your freshman year of college. Unfortunately, for me, it was accurate.

I attended Florida A&M University, a Historically Black College & University (HBCU) in Tallahassee, Florida. When the idea of Freshmen Fifteen popped into my head, it was only right that Laila have the same challenges I faced of dealing with the sweltering heat of Tallahassee. But Lee University, is purely fictional.

Where did the idea come from? I'd like to think God planted the seed. It happened one day while I was commuting to work. Before sitting down to write it, the only other book I authored was Journey After School, a non-fiction book for graduating college students --- I guess I have a special place in my heart for college-aged adults.

Being an IT major I didn't particularly need to write much in college, and working in my career field I probably write even less than when I was in school. But I have always loved to read. Reading hundreds of books through the school year to earn Little Caesar's bucks... does anyone else remember those or was it just me?

In high school, my interest in books peaked when I read The Coldest Winter Ever. The book that turned me into an insomnia-reader. Sister Souljah captured me from the first page and didn't let me go till I was finished. I was even reading in the back of a classroom when I was supposed to be listening to the lecture.

I love other creative art forms as well, I binge watch Netflix... currently watching Frankie & Grace. And ratchet music, is my guilty pleasure. I still rock out to Knuck if you Buck! But it's something about reading that will always take the highest place in my favorite things to do list. With Love 101 I hope to create other insomnia-readers, I hope that with the first page of Freshmen Fifteen when you first meet Laila, you won't put it down until you know how her college career ends in Grown & Sexy Senior!

What's the last book you read that kept you up all night?

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