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Adore You by Nicole Falls

When we meet the guy or girl of our dreams we often rush to tell anyone who will listen. Often hoping they too will approve, but is it necessary? Devorah and Ellis' story proves it's not! Most of us will meet that special someone who happens to be a stranger, there are some who will find that special something in that someone who has been around forever. That someone who has been a friend through all of life's phases.

Well for Devorah and Ellis, love grew beyond the pure respect they had as friends, into a passionate bond that was so undeniable it was hard to dismiss.

Devorah who always had a thing for Ellis never considered him as more than just a friend. After all, he is a playboy. He never wanted to settle down, and she didn't think she could be his exception. (Side Note: Devorah is the homegirl you need to have around if shit goes down --- case in point: "...These hands are rated E for everybody.")

Ellis knew that Devorah had feelings for him. In the past he had his fair share of women, didn't want to settle down, but with Devorah it was different. He wanted to convince her that they could be more than friends.

Adore You is a great story of how love can blossom in the most familiar place. Nicole Falls did a great job with her debut novel. The story has hints of steamy scenes and realistic characters. Support Nicole on her writing journey!

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