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Love 101: Lesson 6

A relationship isn't the end to fun.

In Sophisticated Sophomore, Laila is conscience of her party behavior because of her relationship status. When guys approach her at the club, she avoids dancing with them. Because... reciprocity. She witnessed Chris dancing with another girl at the club, and her jealousy was on high.

We could go in circles about how dancing is innocent, interactions with the opposite sex are generally innocent --- or not. But for the sake of everything good, let's trust that folks have good intentions and their interactions are innocent.

If that's true, then why get jealous if your significant other interacts with someone else? Why avoid having fun to ensure you aren't offending your significant other?

Have fun. Live life! It's short. If you are at the club and someone approaches you nicely, shake that... just remember who is at home waiting on you.

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