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Love 101: Lesson 8

Feel free to mingle while you're single.

Being single should be celebrated. Oftentimes, it isn't a joyous time because it indicates the end of a relationship or the drought of possibilities. But instead of dwelling on what was or what could be, it should be a time to enjoy the now.

Being single is a time when someone can get to know herself/hisself, strengthen familial bonds, and rebuild lackluster friendships.

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And while that's happening it can also be a time for someone to date. Play the field, mingle with a variety of people. Reconsider their likes and dislikes. Evaluate what they'd like the next relationship to be.

In Summer Fling, Laila has the opportunity to date a few different guys. She has the chance to mingle and determine what it is about each of them that she likes, or what it is that she doesn't like. She has to determine if she’s ready for a new relationship or if mingling is more fun. Find out what she’ll do in Summer Fling!

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