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Love 101: Lesson 9

Explore past relationships.

‘Let the past live in the past’… ‘How can you expect to move forward if you are dwelling on the past’. Yeah, I’ll probably be the first to spew those lines when someone speaks of revisiting a past relationship. Rekindling a fling with an old boo may not always be the best idea. There are some instances when the circumstances of the break-up surpass any chances of a reunion (like an abusive relationship, incompatibility, etc.).

But sometimes, the relationship is everything but one of the two people may just need to learn a lesson or two before fully committing, or the timing could be off. In that case, if both people end up single at the same time and the universe allows their paths to cross, then why not give it another try?

We all know at least one couple who break-up to make-up, but can’t find anything to keep them apart. Or we may have a friend in mind who we wish would just get back with their ex because we know the break-up was bullshit.

In Summer Fling, Laila is single for the summer. Although she mingles with a couple of guys, Chris (her ex-boyfriend) re-appears, and she has to determine if what caused their break-up is enough to keep them apart indefinitely or if the love she had for him is too strong to deny. Will she give him a chance or will she kiss the past goodbye?

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