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Struggle Bus

When I’ve had a long day, and exhaustion gets the best of me I say I’m on the struggle bus. The struggle bus is definitely an indicator that my mind, body, and soul would love to have a nap, but… life.

Being a part-time writer, and a full-time everything else is a challenge when trying to find time to write. Without sitting down to get words in a document books cannot be released. As an author my number one goal is to release books.

Oftentimes I can find a few minutes here or there to write a few words, but I rarely have large blocks of time that I can dedicate to writing, unfortunately. You’d think the time limitations would motivate me to sit and write, but that’s not always the case.

When I do find time to sit down, whether I’ve dedicated that time for writing or not, I tend to lean towards mindless scrolling on social media. Yes, social media is a productivity killer!

For instance, take the current events of the Trump Administration, they have kept me scrolling tonight for much longer than I allocated time. When I finally finished scrolling, I realized I probably could have finished editing a chapter. A chapter within Grown and Sexy Senior that is scheduled to be released in just a few weeks. But don’t worry, I’ll finish come hell or high water. So get ready… June will be here soon!

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