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Laila is Graduating!

In honor of graduation season, you are cordially invited to the graduation party of Laila Jackson! She'll be graduating from Lee University on June 1.

Laila began her college career at Lee University four years ago, where we met her in Freshmen Fifteen. Her first year of college was different than she expected, she expected to be be starting her first year of college with her best friend, Tanya. But... Tanya got pregnant and had to stay home. So instead, Laila met three others who kept her occupied her freshman year.

Laila's first year, she also met Chris, a senior at Lee University. Although, older and much more experienced Chris proved to Laila that she wasn't just another girl, he actually had feelings for her.

The next three years of Laila's college experience are just as exciting as her first year. In Sophisticated Sophomore, we see more drama unfold with Chris and his ex-girlfriend, Courtney. We are also reacquainted with Josh, Laila's crush.

In Summer Fling, Laila is fortunate to have a summer internship at a magazine in Jacksonville. She's also single and ready to mingle! She meets a few interesting guys, but is determined to stay single, at least through the summer.

Finally, in Grown and Sexy Senior, Laila's is wrapping up her senior year of college and preparing for her life after graduation. She's in a relationship again, and trying to determine how it will work after she leaves L.U.

For more details on each book, click here.

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