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Love 101: Lesson 10

A crush won't always be a love.

It's happened to the best of us, we meet a guy or a girl and something about him or her is attractive. Something about him or her is slightly intriguing. This attraction doesn't have to be immediate, it can grow after we've known a person for a while. Or maybe it's immediate. However long it takes, it's obvious. Not something we act on necessarily, we may keep it to ourselves, or tell everyone we know. In our younger years, we may have spent countless hours drawing hearts around their name.

Eventually, the guy or girl may approach you or you may be the one doing the approaching. After a conversation, or two, your crush may evolve into a date or casual sex. Or sadly, you could discover that the initial attraction is not that intriguing. Or that thing that made him or her cute, isn't actually all that unique.

Depending on how long it takes you to discover your crush was a major letdown, you may actually be crushed. You may be disappointed in your own attraction or emotions for missing the mark. Or maybe, just maybe, your crush turns into your boo, your boyfriend/girlfriend… just maybe it happens.

Throughout the Love 101 series, Laila has a number of interactions with her crush from high school, Josh. In Grown and Sexy Senior, she finally has the opportunity to let the relationship bloom. But was having a crush on Josh more enticing than actually being in a relationship with him? Did her attraction and emotions miss the mark? Or is he really everything her mind was telling her he was? Just a few more weeks before you can find out!

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