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Love 101 Series

Laila Jackson survived freshman year at Lee University, a historically black college and university in Tallahassee, Florida. Now summer is over, and she’s signed up for another grueling course load.

Luckily, Laila has the perfect distraction from her studies! She and her boyfriend, Chris, are closer than ever. Together, the two of them survived the machinations of Chris’s unstable ex-girlfriend, Courtney—but she’s not done with them yet.

While attending a football game with Lee University’s rival, A&T, Laila is surprised by the appearance of an old acquaintance. Throughout high school, Laila always had a crush on Josh, the brother of her best friend, Tanya. She thought he never saw her as more than Tanya’s friend, but their chance meeting changes her mind!

Suddenly, Laila is in the middle of a love triangle. Josh is finally interested in being more than just friends, but she and Chris have worked hard to build a solid relationship. Courtney’s meddling further complicates Laila’s relationships.

In this second book in the Love 101 series, Laila faces difficult new challenges. She’s no longer a naïve freshman, but she still has a lot to learn when it comes to matters of the heart.

J. Nichole’s third Love 101 romance joins rising junior Laila Jackson as she tries to move forward from a wrecked relationship.

Laila doesn’t understand the reason behind her breakup with her boyfriend, Chris Clark. She truly, deeply loved Chris, and he left her with no explanation. She is hurt, confused, and humiliated. Her friends advise her to stay single for a while.

That’s easier said than done. Laila thought she would be too busy working at a summer internship for the What’s Happening Jacksonville magazine to meet any men, but she meets two almost immediately. Isaiah is an old acquaintance and alum of Laila’s school, Lee University. Dante is a football star with a flair for the dramatic.

Laila’s also still thinking about Josh. During sophomore year, he told her he wanted to be in a relationship. Laila knew it wasn’t fair to either of them to make Josh a rebound from Chris, but she still has deep feelings for him.

As Laila tries to decide between three different men, Chris comes back into the picture. Can Laila get closure from their painful breakup, or does Chris have one more surprise in store for her?

In this, the final chapter of J. Nichole’s Love 101 series, Laila Jackson graduates from Lee University and starts her new career as a journalist. As senior year winds down, she must make tough decisions and discover what—and whom—she truly wants in life.

Laila is caught between two incredible men: Josh and Chris.

Josh was her first crush. He patiently waited for her as she tried to sort out her feelings. He always knows just what to say to make Laila feel better, and he wants her to move back home and marry him. Does she want to be his bride?

Chris was Laila’s first everything else. He was the first man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. And he always put her first too. Even their confusing and devastating breakup was a result of the evil scheming of Chris’s ex-girlfriend, Courtney. Chris thought that leaving Laila would keep her safe from Courtney but soon realized he couldn’t live without her. Can she live without him?

Laila will have to draw on all the wisdom she has earned in the past four years to decide which path to take—and which love to choose.

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