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Intolerance or Ignorance?

Intolerance becomes dangerous when a person's skin color, gender, religion, nationality, or sexuality - which in and of itself is no concern of anyone else - bothers you enough to acknowledge it independently of the person.

That black guy, that woman, that Catholic, that Mexican, that homosexual...

We have to learn that our differences will make us stronger than our similarities. If you believe in a higher being, do you not believe that if that higher being believed we were better off as a singular society so much diversity would exist?

When we stop and learn about each other's diversity we will grow to respect our differences. No longer can we be arrogant humans who think people who look and think like us are superior than those around us who do not.

In this season of Ramadan, Muslims fast and increase prayer and good deeds, for a month. Yes, the Quran and the Bible are different in their teachings, but the foundations are more similar than we care to acknowledge.

If you are perplexed by Ramadan, have you not heard of Lent? A season where Christians typically give up something, increase prayer and self-reflection, give of themselves.

Interesting how the two sound very similar in written word, but in practice are viewed as completely separate entities. Some on either side who lack understanding may view one as superior to the other.

We could continue the comparisons of our differences for days, months, years even, but the bottom line is if we don't willfully begin to learn about each other the dangerous intolerance of each other will continue, the violence will not stop.

#Nabra #StopTheIgnorance #HealTheDivide

#HealTheDivide #StopTheIgnorance #Peace #Ramadan

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