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Paid Companion by Nia Forrester

Lia, an artist with a goal to recover from starving status, takes on a risqué role as a paid companion to a wealthy, eligible bachelor, Blake.

Blake, known as a playboy to the media, wants to prove to his father that he's capable of commitment and being serious. Or to avoid questions about his personal life.

When Lia finally meets Blake, she's as captivated by his presence as she was with knowing him through the media. But other than her physical attraction to him they didn't share a connection. Fortunately, because after all she was getting paid to do a job, and that didn't include sexing her employer.

Job, may be a stretch, she was paid to accompany Blake to a secluded island for a family vacation.

During the trip, Lia bonded with Blake's sister Nicki, and brother Kevin.

Unlike with Blake, Kevin and Lia had a strong connection. Awkward because Lia was supposed to be with Blake. As the week progresses Kevin and Lia's connection grows, and Lia feels horrible for slacking on her job. So she backs away from Kevin.

Because Kevin is determined to end the awkwardness, Lia ends up on a flight back home. Eventually, Lia and Kevin reunite and realize their connection wasn't just because of their proximity on the island.

Nia does an excellent job with the twists and turns of this book; you won't be at all disappointed if you grab a copy!

Would you do something strange for a little bit of change?

Haha, who makes these memes?!?! FYI: There weren't any paid sexual encounters in this book.

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