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Everything I Always Wanted: A Friends to Lovers Romance by Stephanie Nicole Norris

This friends to lovers romance will have you rooting for the theory that men and women cannot be just friends.

Shelby and Sebastian have known each other since elementary school, growing close throughout their years together. Maintaining their friendship and cautiously avoiding crossing any lines of passion.

Sebastian found it hard to maintain a relationship with any other woman because to him nobody leveled up to Shelby. Although he denied his reasons for keeping women at bay.

Shelby on the other hand gave it her all with the men in her life. Even agreeing to distance herself from Sebastian to ease her boyfriend's tensions about their relationship. When she realized Sebastian truly supported her, and he was the man she'd run to no matter what, she decided that imaginary line needed to be crossed. She was willing to risk it all.

But, Sebastian wasn't as confident that they should risk their years of friendship for a romantic relationship. He worried that maybe being with her would end because he wasn't the commitment type. Worried that a failed romance would end their years of friendship.

With each page, Stephanie makes the reader feel the passion between Sebastian and Shelby. She makes you want to fight the air when things don't go as you hope. But in the end it's a beautiful romance, one worth rooting for.

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