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Power Season 4 Predictions

My Power Season 4 predictions (as of Episode 6). I hold the right to change my predictions up until the season finale. But let's see how much of this will happen.

So I started thinking about my predictions after watching and discussing episode 4. Let's just say none of those would have come true, episode 6... what?!?!

Ghost - Ghost is going to stay clean, but Tasha... he owes Tasha. I think he also feels like saying a big fuck you to Angela, so maybe he won't stay clean. But that may mean he and Tommy will have to kill another Serbian. Like Tasha said, he's smarter than Stern so hopefully he won't sell his soul to be the token black guy for him. But money is going to be funny for a while, so he may just have to tap dance... or stay in the game. I'm going to predict that he stays in the game.

Tasha - Ride or Die. But is she willing to keep playing the part? Of course she is, her livelihood depends on it. Her kids need her to keep it together. But I did notice she was strangely close with Ghost's lawyer, Terry. She may try her luck with Terry. Or she may keep up the front and convince herself that Ghost's indiscretions are worth overlooking. I can't tell with her, although she's loyal I think she's fed up with Ghost's bullshit.

Lakeisha - She's been thrown into the game, where she only slightly knows the rules but isn't prepared to play. She wants to be clean and I don't even think Tommy's good dick can convince her otherwise. I think she'll walk away from her 'friendship' with Tasha to get her life back together.

Tariq- Man, I can't believe he survived Jukebox's rath. But now that he has, he's more fucked up than ever. He still has no respect for his daddy. And although Kanan set him up, I think he respects him more. Kanan took him in and introduced him to the dark side which he is so intrigued. I think Kanan is attached to him, and somehow sees him as more of his son than Sean was. Just like Kanan taught Ghost the game, he's going to bring Tariq into his fold. Tariq isn't going to survive this season as an innocent kid, he'll live but he's going to be deep in the streets.

Tommy - Tommy is in a unique situation. He's matured since Ghost went to jail and left him to tend to the business. He no longer needs to look to Ghost for direction, and now that their relationship needs to end for him to continue his empire, he'll have to find a new place for Ghost. I think he'll choose Ghost over the expansion but it won't be like old times. Tommy will continue to be in charge, and will find new ways to make shit happen.

The Crew - Damn! RIP Julio! A lesson to all those involved in shady activity, there isn't ever a good way out. A message to the kids, stay away! But now that Julio had to die, Dre thinks he'll be able to move right on in. But don't forget, Tommy doesn't trust Dre. Dre's fucked up with Tariq, Dre's flexed his muscle with the club, and lastly Dre let Kanan get too close. He's also indebted to Kanan. Tommy isn't going to let that happen, it won't be a kumbaya for Tommy, Ghost, and Kanan. Remember Tommy's used to his power now. So without that kumbaya, Dre has no place. It's only time before Dre is out like Julio.

The Prosecution - Well I hope Angela finds a good job. She ended her career. I won't even be mad if she fades to black. I don't need to see her redeeming moment. I'm team Tasha. The rest of them are going to continue trying to get Ghost caught up, they know he's shady but they don't realize yet that this wasn't his crime. I think ultimately someone will connect the dots with Sandoval and before the season is over he'll be in jail. I just can't guess who it will be that will be the hero.

Kudos to Courtney Kemp on this show, and the surprises that came of episode 6. I had to turn away more than necessary with all that overkilling. Episode 6 scratched all my predictions and that's what I expect of a good show. Power has kept me captivated for 4 seasons. Just one warning to Courtney, Ghost has to survive. I don't see a show without him.

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