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Practice Self-Care

We are living through difficult times. No matter your political affiliation, race, creed, or background if you’ve turned on the news in the past several months there is something that has been discussed that would disappoint you.

Most recently, Hurricane Harvey & Irma devastation. It’s difficult to understand how such devastation can quickly ravish an area, and although we’ve seen it happen before, it’s still disheartening. Even if you aren’t directly impacted, you may know someone who is going to have to recover from this disaster, and if you can’t think of anyone directly, don’t be surprised if there is someone because 6 degrees of separation is so real.

Let us not only pray for the survivors, and those who have perished, let us donate (monetarily, clothes, food, service). If it were the other way around you’d be blessed to have someone as thoughtful.

While you do what you can take time out to practice self-care. Continuous coverage of events such as these can take a toll on your psyche.

A few things you can do to practice self-care:

  1. Turn off your devices- it may seem simple, but sometimes we need to disconnect. Completely zone out of everything that’s going on.

  2. Have a night out with friends - Laughter is the best medicine. Whenever I’m having a bad day, a good laugh seems to turn things around. Our friends are usually the best source of laughter, even if they aren’t comedians their reality can always be comical.

  3. Indulge in your hobby - Take time to re-dedicate yourself to your hobby, whatever that hobby may be. In my spare time, when I’m able to find it, I love to read. When I feel the news around the world starts to get the best of me opening a good book helps to allow me to breathe.

  4. Pamper yourself - Pull out all your hair, nail, or facial supplies and get to work. Not only will your body appreciate it, it will distract you from the woes.

  5. Romance your boo - Make a nice dinner, have a glass of wine, play an R&B hit and enjoy each other’s company.

As you can tell, the theme here is to disconnect. In order to be helpful through tough times such as these you have to be both mentally and physically prepared. Take a breather then get back out there and do what you can to help.

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