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Power Season 5

Power is back, finally. All my fav shows are on hiatus, and the summer was beginning to look a little bleak. I can only watch so many re-runs and hunt so long for new shows to watch on Netflix.

I had to re-watch the season 4 finale before starting season 5. Last season had tons of twists and the one that hit me in the gut was the death of Raina. I mean, if I had a choice I would have traded Tariq for her any day, but of course he had to survive so he could continue is fuckboy foolery in Season 5.

Now when I think about who I want to survive season 5, I come up short. I take that back, the baby girl, she should survive. I’m sure she will though, she’s hardly around for her family’s drama and antics. Whoever has her 95% of the time will keep her safe.

Since I don’t want anyone to make it, who do I want to go next? Dre. Definitely Dre. He should go before a remote flies into my television from my anger at his every move. His rise to power was unexpected and not even deserved. He ain’t ready to make Ghost and Tommy moves.

This season should be interesting, I don’t have any early predictions about what will happen. I’ll be back mid-season to weigh in.

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