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Road to Love by Nicole Falls

What's the likelihood that the man on the side of the road will end up being your boo? Guess love can come in unexpected ways, and Emerson and Roosevelt are proof of that.  

Emerson, fresh off a break up, and needing a break from everything -- like us all, embarks on a road trip back home.  Although she's trying to escape her daily stressors, she ends up in the one place where she has unresolved business.  

On her way home, she meets Roosevelt on the side of the road, stranded without gas.  Emerson decides she can't leave him out in the middle of nowhere and, for her love life, that's the best decision she could make. 

Roosevelt, like Emerson, is on a journey home himself.  For him, instead of visiting home he’s returning home.  After the death of his grandmother he realizes home is where he needs to be.  But what’s waiting for him there isn’t likely to welcome him with open arms.  

When the two meet, their shared issues with home bring them even closer together.  They realize home isn’t always where the heart is, and together they help each other resolve their issues and bid farewell to the comforts of home.

I love Emerson and Ro’s relationship, I also like the connection with Emerson’s old crew and how details were well played from the other books in the series. 

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