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Acting on Love by Te` Russ

Lessons in Love is an awesome series, each book telling a love story of one of three best friends.  The stories intersect during a time of each of their lives when they need a break from life and return home.  The reunite with each other, after years apart.  

Rocki and Seth's story is cute.  It started out as a way for Rocki to avoid being hooked up with a local.  Ironically, to avoid matchmaking she ended up matched.  

Any woman with an older brother can relate to Rocki's life as a teen girl, crushing on the brother's friend but always feeling as the friend's little sister.  Then there comes a time when the little sister grows out of the brother's shadow, and garners the attention of the best friend.  For Rocki, she just never realized that transition had transpired. 

For Seth,  he remembers the exact moment when his feelings towards Rocki shifted.  Then, it wouldn’t have worked, and over the years he didn’t know if she felt the same, or could feel the same, so they maintained their safe relationship. 

But when she decided he was a safe person to fake a relationship with, he saw it as his opportunity to make it real. 

Rocki quickly realized she didn’t have to act like they were together, their chemistry was real. 

Their love story is cute, and I couldn’t help cheering for them to work out. 

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