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Why Don’t we Fall in Love? By Chelsea Maria

Wooh. So many things in this book. First, I’ll say it was a good read. But I have mixed emotions about Nyla and Chea's relationship.

Chea and Nyla started off as best friends, never crossing the line. During their eight year friendship, Chea loved her but kept his distance all the while learning her every need, want, and desire.

Nyla had a troubled past that led her to have severe anxiety issues, and she could not leave the comfort of her mother's home. Then her 30th year came around. Like anyone hitting a milestone year she was looking for a change, for growth. It was time for her to leave from under mama's wings.

Chea saw Nyla's growth as an opportunity to make his move. He invited her into his home. This was the first part of the story where I felt like I needed to consult the characters. If this book were a movie, I'd be yelling at the screen. If Nyla were my friend in real life, I would have said 'Naw, girl. If you moving out, you need to move out. Be alone first.' But of course I couldn't say that.

I don't want to leak any spoilers, but there are other screen shouting moments throughout the story. If you'd like to chat about them, let's do that!

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