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Adjacent: A Building 402 Novella by Alexandra Warren

What would you do if the man moving in next door was single and fine as hell?

Well for Eve, she had to lay low next door as she listened to him rotate women through his apartment on the regular. She was attracted to him, and if it weren’t for her close proximity to his eventful sex life she may just give him a chance.

A.J. was attracted to Eve but didn’t catch her signs of mutual interest, so he came at her playfully. Until, finally he realized he didn’t want to play anymore.

When Eve gives A.J. A chance there are obstacles she has to consider, can his past come back to hunt her? Knowing about all the women he’s been with make it harder for her to appreciate his pursuit.

Great, quick read. Obviously building 402 is where it’s at for those looking for love.

#blackbooks #blackromancebook #AfricanAmericanromance #blackauthor #kindleebook

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