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The Makeover by Nia Forrester

Sam and Colt had been best friends for majority of their lives. Growing up side by side, sharing experiences from childhood through college. Each claiming their friendship was more like a sibling relationship than anywhere near a relationship.

But as some opposite sex friendships go, they naturally grow into a relationship. The foundations of their friendship making it easy to transition because they know everything about each other.

Except, for Sam and Colt, there’s a secret Sam kept from him. One that shakes his trust.

Sam and Colt have their share of challenges as they try to adjust to life as a couple, and not as best friends.

When they finally accept that their relationship isn’t like any either of them has had before, and that’s okay, they are able to make it work for them.

A great read with an interesting twist.

#blackbooks #blackauthor #kindleebook #blackromancebook

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