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Half & Half by Grey Huffington

Hartleigh and Levee's story is one full of genuine love. Despite the timing it takes for them to fall in love, they genuinely care for each other.

Hartleigh has her share of bad luck, but she has amazing strength to keep on pushing regardless. With all the curveballs she's thrown she could have easily given up, or taken a handout, but she's determined to pull herself up.

Levee comes off as an asshole, offering help, in the most awkward way. As he spends more time with Hartleigh I understand his social awkwardness. But as soon as he's out of his shell, he's totally different than I expect. He's very laid back and down to earth. I expected he was uptight because of his wealth, but I was surprised to learn he wasn't.

The two of them together are odd, but they are a good example of love. They aren't defining their relationship for others, they are what is needed for each other.

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