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Sweatpants Season by Danielle Allen

Ever had that one friend that keeps talking about a subject, like analyzing it out loud, you give them perspective but the very next day they are at it again? Akila feels like that friend!

Akila lands a job, passion opportunity, and a potential beau all around the same time. And oddly enough each is connected. And because each is connected she’s plagued. Mixing business with pleasure, and her objection of the man she’s clearly falling for is plaguing her every waking, and sleeping, thought.

Carlos seems like a decent dude, but when he realizes Akila is willing to chunk him into a category he doesn’t identify with he’s no longer interested. He is determined to make the project work, regardless of her thoughts and concerns.

Sweatpants Season delves into the topic of objectifying women, and the difficulty of dating with differences of morals.

It’s a great book that kept me reading although I may have been rolling my eyes at Akila throughout the book.

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