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Give Me A Reason (In The Heart Of A Valentine) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

This one tugged at my heart strings. Allison suffers from a few health issues, and is concerned they will impact her ability to have children. Her concerns are valid, and like many women, she feels inadequate.

Fortunately, Lance cares for her beyond intimacy, he actually cares for her well being.

Lance could easily walk away from Allison when he realizes she has health issues, but he doesn't. Instead he dives deeper, wanting to ensure her health is a priority.

Now, them parents. I gave Mr. Valentine serious side eye throughout the book. But I'm glad everything worked out for this couple.

The domino effect of the friends hooking up with the wealthy clan of brothers is interesting, and I'm sure there are many real life friends who'd love to experience a similar circumstance.

Another great read by Stephanie Nicole Norris!

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