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Let Me Free You by Alexandria House

An arranged marriage? I'll take it!

With the McClain brothers things are always interesting. Neil was always the fuck up, but I'm glad to see him get his shit together. His visit to rehab brought him out of his addiction, and also revealed his heart's desire.

When he meets Sage, he sees her for the person she is, a beautiful soul worth loving.

Sage, wanting to stay in America after being threatened with deportation is in dire need of a solution. When the offer from her girlfriends comes along for her to get married she feels pitiful that a real proposal won't be in her future.

But when Sage and Neil meet, although arranged, their connection is beautiful. They aren't much alike, but they accept each other for who they are.

I really enjoyed this story, Sage and Neil's love, and all the ways they express their love... on the table, in the shower... great read!

#AlexandriaHouse #BlackAuthor #BlackRomance #AfricanAmericanRomance #RomanceNovels

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