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Keeping Willow by Jacinta Howard

Losing yourself in a relationship is one of the toughest things to overcome.

In Keeping Willow, we already know how Devin and Willow met (If you’ve read Happiness in Jersey). Willow was a bright-eyed, wide open girl with and a tad naive when she first met Devin.

Devin wasn’t trying to settle down, unless it was with his drum set and the band, he wasn’t interested. He knew his attraction to Willow was strong but he heeded the warning from his best friend, Jersey, not to mess with that one — she was too sweet for him.

But Devin and Willow are naturally drawn to each other and over time their orbit finally collides and what remains is undeniable love.

Through their relation they grow, Devin letting Willow in and Willow learning exploring her sexuality. But as for music, nothing changes with Devin, it remains his number one priority. Willow quickly falls into step and accepts his ambition, but soon she realizes she doesn’t have an ambition of her own.

In Keeping Willow we are able to see the early start of their relationship, and what leads Willow to the point where she has to find herself.

It’s a great read, just like the others, with strong attraction, sweet love, and great music.

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